New Indiana Law. Governor Eric Holcomb has signed into law HEA 1167 requiring all government meetings in Indiana to be live-streamed or recorded. Lawmakers hope the legislation will increase transparency among local governments. The law applies to school boards, state agencies, counties, cities, towns, townships and any governing body that conducts regular meetings in the same room. It requires the agency to live stream its meetings and archive a copy of the meeting recordings.

Virtual weddings. Save time and money by having an in-person small wedding with live virtual attendance. No large venue expenses, catering costs or guest travel burdens. Now all your family and friends can attend your wedding from anywhere in the world. They just tune in to be a part of this special occasion. We live stream the entire event with multiple cameras, capturing the ceremony, vows, music and beauty of the moment. It’s also recorded and archived online for a lasting memory.

Public meetings. Virtual organizational meetings can be made available to specific people or the public, eliminating the need for large meeting spaces, parking issues and valuable time and money! We live stream using multiple cameras and mics to ensure a great look and sound. Keep everyone engaged without extra burden and cost.

Property engagement. Whether you’re a property owner, realtor or investor, having an eye-in-the-sky view of a home, business, land and neighborhood is an asset for memories, sales, development and insurance. We can capture the entire picture for you from above using the latest in profession drones.